Friday, March 7, 2014

A.J. Zanders: Football!

Okay, this sermon is about football. You are probably thinking, what football has to do with the bible or with life. A lot more then you think. So in football when the quarterback gets the ball the defenders try to tackle him, those defenders are like the devil and bad people trying to take you down, and make you lose. But when the quarterback throws the ball, he extends his arm almost like his is reaching for something. Sp when those defenders come at you have to extend your arm and reach to God. And another thing is that, if your at the park playing football and Peyton Manning shows up and ask's if he can play you say sure and thell him that your going to finish the play, but we never put him in we forget about him and leave him our of the game. This is what we do in life we say, ok God I'll pray in a second but we never do it, we say I'll finish the game, but you still don't make time for him, because he gave up his son for us, but we only give him 30 minutes, when Jesus gave his life. So when the time comes, God is in the game!

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